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What is Headless Commerce?

“Headless” refers to decoupling your commerce “backend” from your “front-end”. This is also referred to as a “composable” approach where you can pair the best technologies together to support your business. In other words, separating these technologies frees you from having a single technology dictate how you build other aspects of your business. The rise of Progressive Web App technology has made this approach more popular for building blazing fast Storefronts. Building a comprehensive user-friendly front-end tech stack, however, can be time consuming to build, manage, and scale on your own - which is why we built Pack.

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When it’s a fit?

What challenges are you facing as you grow your brand? Are you demanding more and more from Storefront, front-end technology and development team? Is your marketing team unable to move fast enough? How much is there to gain from a blazing fast user experience? These are some of the questions to think about when considering a composable approach. We can help navigate what it means to have more control across design, admin control, and developer experience.

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Pack as a “Head”

How does one build their own “head” as a Progressive Web App? Well, it’s hard. We have built Pack as a modular “Head” that can be used alongside platforms like Shopify, mitigating the risk of building it from scratch. While “Headless” is great, let’s not forget about the importance of building and evaluating the right “Head” for your business.

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Advantages of Using Pack

  • No need to build your infrastructure and workflow from the ground up
  • More admin control for content management, landing page building and component reusability
  • Build complex features more efficiently with React!
  • Increased marketer control where content is delivered
  • Open framework to integrate new and modern technologies
  • Scalable workflow and developer experience
  • Complete control for custom design experiences

Pack Special Features

  • Product grouping for complex catalogs
  • Product bundling for bundle management
  • Pre-integrated Shopify checkout, accounts, third parties and more!
  • Live previewing with “Sections Everywhere” built in
  • Documentation for knowledge sharing
Sand Cloud Model

Case Study

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud grew their brand through a Shopify theme with some amazing results, but the time came to introduce a front-end that would take them to new heights.

  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Product Architecture
  • Figma Design Support
  • Custom Third Party Integrations
  • Full-Stack Development

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