Speed. Flexibility. Shared innovation.

Building for ecommerce brands is in our DNA. We're here to help you uplevel your shopping experiences without over-complicating your workflow.

Our Story

It all began...

Working with ecommerce brands first-hand.

The founding team spent years spinning up the very first Shopify Plus brands— like MVMT and Kylie Cosmetics. They built custom solutions to give growing brands speed and flexibility, but wanted to solve for ease-of-use as well.

A few years later...

Pack is born.

The team decides to build the tech that they realized was missing—a platform that gives brands flexibility and speed without over-complicating their tech stack.

Before long...

Seed funding.

Pack raises $6M in seed funding, led by Alpaca + Norwest, with participation from VCs and brands alike.


Pack becomes a certified Hydrogen partner.

Pack deepens its Shopify integrations, expanding its Hydrogen integration, adding metaobjects, and support for Remix and Oxygen. Shopify called Pack “the platform for managing Hydrogen storefronts.”


We're only just getting started.

We're putting CRO tools—personalization, testing, and data—at your fingertips, so you can keep a pulse on your customers from first touch to purchase and beyond.

Join us as we help commerce teams tap into speed, growth, and shared innovation.