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Give your clients performant custom storefronts on Shopify Hydrogen that are easy to manage, and flexible from start to finish.

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Unlock the full value of Shopify for your clients.

Building a custom storefront is a big decision. We’re here to help! Find the best option for your specific clients and tap into Shopify's powerful headless solutions.

Purpose-built for Shopify

Pack is the leading digital experience platform that's designed specifically for Shopify. Our powerful connector includes deep integrations with product catalogs, Hydrogen storefronts, metaobjects, and support for Oxygen/Remix.

Bottom-line results

Show clients clear ROI on their investment with improvements in lighthouse scores, conversion rates, and page load times. They'll love their snappy new user experience.

Massive efficiency boosts

Build pages faster with modern frameworks, pre-built integrations, and a high degree of flexibility. Then speed up your QA process, and make edits to the site quickly and easily - regardless of your team’s technical background.

Fast and predictable launch timelines

Get a proof-of-concept up and running in days, and get an entire storefront ready for launch in 1-3 months. Speed up development with Pack's component and integration libraries, built-in dev workflows, and more.

Designed for seamless handoffs

Pack sites are extremely easy to manage, which makes the handoff to non-technical stakeholders a breeze. No complex content models, no high learning curves. It's as easy as editing a Shopify theme.

Partner perks

Looking to generate new business, launch game-changing content, or explore Pack to see if it’s a fit for your team? We’re excited to partner with you to make it happen.

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  • Sandbox accounts

Everything in one place.

Launch custom storefronts that are blazing fast, and easy to manage.

Visual headless CMS

Manage content, not your system. Finally, a headless CMS that’s easy to use.

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CRO tools

Get signal on what’s working and what isn’t - so you can optimize for conversions.

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Developer tools

Create flexible, React-based frontends that are purpose-built for Shopify and Hydrogen.

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“Pack is a world-class platform that makes adopting modern technology really accessible. The page loading speed is one of the fastest I've ever seen on an ecommerce site. The developer setup was seamless, the documentation was great, the team support was incredible, and everything just worked. I can’t wait for the next build!"

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Mark Shesser
Mark Shesser

Founder @ Coldsmoke Creative

Bear Group + Scoutside

“Pack dramatically reduces build time, minimizes tech debt, and gives our clients an industry-leading experience for managing their site."

Thomas McCutchen
Thomas McCutchen

Founder & CEO @ Bear Group + Scoutside

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Bear Group + Scoutside


Exploring CMSs or headless solutions? We're here to help! Check out our FAQs, or reach out to us at for an individualized consultation.

  • Traditional headless approaches involve stitching together multiple different solutions - a headless CMS, a hosting service, a custom storefront, a data orchestrator (optional), and a page builder. Newer approaches to headless have taken a no-code approach, which significantly limit flexibility. Pack strikes the balance between flexibility and ease-of-use, taking care of the architecture so you can focus on building your custom storefront. As part of our strategy for streamlinging systems and architecture, we've built them to be opinionated for Shopify, so you're not paying for access to APIs or integrations that aren't compatible.

  • Pack supports both Next.js and Remix.

  • Currently we address each merchant's needs on an individual basis, since internationalization can mean something different to everyone.

  • With Pack's Hydrogen integration, we can preserve your Shopify page analytics so you can keep track of page visits, traffic and conversion rates without needing to rebuild

  • Shopify Oxygen, Netlify, and Vercel*.

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