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Meet the leading visual CMS for Shopify Hydrogen.

Create and manage your Hydrogen storefront's content - from landing pages to PDPs - without the bottlenecks.

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Visual Headless CMS

Unlock Shopify's full potential.

Most headless CMSs introduce too much complexity. Not Pack. Tap into a custom Hydrogen storefront and stay agile with Pack’s visual CMS.

Boost site performance & CVR

You can only squeeze so much performance from a Shopify theme. Boost conversions and give yourself the runway to add more apps and more content, without worrying about page lags.


Faster page loads

Up to 26%

Higher conversion rates

Boost page load speeds and conversion rates

Launch content faster

Traditional custom storefronts come with high learning curves and a lot of custom development. Build landing pages with flexible components - no complex content models, no dev required.


Faster landing page launches

Drag-and-drop React-based CMS for Shopify

See your changes in real time

Don't get buried in the weeds of your CMS. See exactly what your content - or code - will look like as you type. It’s a great way to optimize your pages early and speed up QA.

  • Speed up QA
  • Minimize context switching
Real-time editing visual CMS for Shopify and Hydrogen

Access Shopify's latest and greatest

Pack's CMS is purpose-built for Shopify - so you can access the power of Hydrogen, Remix, Oxygen, and metaobjects. Adding 3rd party Shopify apps to your page is a simple copy-paste.

Integrated with all your favorite apps

and many more

Streamline your workflow

Stay ahead of the curve with content scheduling, content environments, reusable content blocks and templates that streamline your workflow.

Everything in one place.

Launch custom storefronts that are blazing fast, and easy to manage.

CRO tools

Get signal on what’s working and what isn’t - so you can optimize for conversions.

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Developer tools

Create flexible, React-based frontends that are purpose-built for Shopify and Hydrogen.

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Visual headless CMS

Manage content, not your system. Finally, a headless CMS that’s easy to use.

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Cuts Clothing

“One of our strong suits is content and marketing. We were lightning fast, but launching content with a traditional CMS was excruciatingly slow. We had a lot more projects we wanted to roll on but couldn't. With Pack, we have a much better rhythm. In the time I could do one landing page before, I can probably do 10 to 15 now."

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Brennan Eccles
Brennan Eccles

VP of Marketing @ Cuts Clothing


"I was skeptical about the traditional headless approach that involved duct taping a lot of different pieces together. Between Spacebox's talent for development and the ease-of-use of Pack + Hydrogen, we launched a flexible, performant storefront in record time. We're thrilled with our blazing-fast site experience and how easy it is for our team to add new content without relying on a developer for every change."

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Darren Crawford
Darren Crawford

Chief Operating Officer @ UMZU

Sand Cloud Logo

"Pack has been great to work with. We were able to complete the rebuild on time before our Black Friday season and saw record growth with this new platform in place. Speed is one of the biggest factors in onsite experience and conversions."

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Steven Ford
Steven Ford

Co-founder at Sand Cloud

Cuts Clothing Image
Darren Crawford
Sand Cloud headless commmerce case study


Choosing a headless CMS can be tough. We're here to help! Check out our FAQs, or reach out to us at for an individualized consultation.

  • You can only squeeze so much performance out of a Shopify theme. If you're on Shopify, and you 1) rely on many Shopify apps and are starting to scale content, 2) you've done some basic site optimization, and 3) you're starting to notice page lags, it's time to address the site speed problem. Adding a custom storefront to your Shopify store will allow you to scale your apps and content without having to worry about impact on site speed and conversion rates. With a faster site, you can boost your searchability with stellar Lighthouse scores, and grow your conversion rates.

  • Most headless CMS's aren't built for Shopify specifically, and are designed to handle content distribution across multiple channels - like in-store kiosks, a mobile app, and a website. If you're primarily focused on your website, and your goal is to create and launch content quickly and easily - without relying on a highly technical team - Pack is a great solution. Because it includes a built-in page-builder and helps you take advantage of advanced Shopify features, it's also a very cost-effective option.

  • Pack's visual headless CMS is React-based, and supports Shopify's Remix, or NextJS.

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