Dev Tools

Meet the React-based front end for Shopify Hydrogen.

Combine the flexibility of React with the ease-of-use of a theme, all without the DIY assembly or maintenance.

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Dev Tools

Start coding a custom storefront on day one.

Spin up a new storefront—or connect to an existing Hydrogen storefront—then create a proof-of-concept in hours, launch your storefront in a few weeks.

React-based front end

It's time to code outside the box. Create flexible components, custom carts, complex animations and brand-new shopping experiences with the power of React + a native GitHub integration.

Shopify connector

Sync your product catalog, and connect a Hydrogen storefront to access Shopify's built-in hooks, utilities, and analytics. Pull metaobjects into Pack's visual editor so you can add them to any page with a simple drag-and-drop. Plus, get full support for Remix + Oxygen.

Dev workflows

Manage content, local and production environments from a centralized dasboard.

Components + Integrations library

Speed up build times / proof-of-concept projects with pre-built components you can easily customize. Tap into pre-built integrations and snippets for core Shopify apps.

More options

Not into Remix? No problem. Pack also supports Next.js so you can pick your preferred framework and hosting service.

Everything in one place.

Launch custom storefronts that are blazing fast, and easy to manage.

Visual headless CMS

Manage content, not your system. Finally, a headless CMS that’s easy to use.

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CRO tools

Get signal on what’s working and what isn’t - so you can optimize for conversions.

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Developer tools

Create flexible, React-based frontends that are purpose-built for Shopify and Hydrogen.

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“I've been looking at headless for a long time. I thought that it was really interesting that Pack was making headless more accessible to people -- that we could still live on Shopify to try out headless and recode our site in a framework that's way more flexible like React. It's about positioning for the future. Site speed is great, but I was really excited about the possibilities of what can we build on top of this? I can give somebody an experience they haven't had yet."

Jon Iler
Jon Iler

Full Stack Developer @ Umzu

“Really adored working with the Pack platform as a developer, not to mention the immense benefit our client is seeing in terms of website speed and performance. I'm still shocked and amazed at how blazingly fast these Pack sites are. Great work!

Sr. Developer at Bear Group + Scoutside

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Bear Group + Scoutside


Exploring CMSs or headless solutions? We're here to help! Check out our FAQs, or reach out to us at for an individualized consultation.

  • Pack supports both Next.js and Remix.

  • Currently we address each merchant's needs on an individual basis, since internationalization can mean something different to everyone.

  • Yes. Pack makes it easy to use Hydrogen's pre-built hooks and utilities, and preserve your Shopify page analytics. Pack pulls metaobjects into its visual CMS so it's easy to add them to any page.

  • With Pack's Hydrogen integration, we can preserve your Shopify page analytics so you can keep track of page visits, traffic and conversion rates without needing to rebuild

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