How Coldsmoke Creative boosted performance and site speed

See how Coldsmoke — a Shopify Plus agency— partnered with Pack to transition a leading apparel brand from a Shopify theme to blazing-fast custom storefront.

Margaret Julian

Margaret Julian

Director of Product Marketing

How Coldsmoke Creative boosted performance and site speed
Increase in conversions
Faster page loads
Lift in AOV

The Challenge

A headless site made for a snappy shopping experience, but the client had to rely heavily on developers to get content out the door.

Coldsmoke's client was using a headless build for their site, but didn’t have a lot of control over their site’s sections and merchandising capabilities. The team was looking to improve the amount of control non-developers could have on the site, so that they could build, edit and publish content without relying on developer intervention. At the same time, the team wanted to maintain their snappy site performance, and build on a platform that would allow them to scale.

“Pack is a world-class platform that makes adopting modern technology really accessible. The page loading speed is one of the fastest I've ever seen on an ecommerce site. The developer setup was seamless, the documentation was great, the team support was incredible, and everything just worked. I can’t wait for the next build!"

Mark Shesser

Founder @ Coldsmoke Creative

The Solution

The best of both worlds - a fast site that's also easy to manage.

As Coldsmoke worked with Public Rec to find the perfect solution, they were immediately drawn to Pack for its ease of use, performance, and centralized site management. They saw right away how Pack’s solution would enable Public Rec to unlock new growth on their storefront.

Ease of use: Pack’s built-in CMS empowered non-developers to create and build web pages quickly and easily, manage media assets and more, which freed up developers to focus on building new experiences and optimizing the site. Developers loved the pre-built React components provided by Pack that helped them build content experiences quickly and easily.

Performance: Pack’s performance continued to deliver the blazing-fast experience that the team at Public Rec - and their customers - had come to expect.

Centralized site management: Building with Pack removed the need for the team to continue maintaining and stitching together multiple other solutions to uplevel their customer experience. Instead, they could manage deployments, content, redirects, and so much more all in one place.

With their clients' needs accounted for, Coldsmoke moved forward with the implementation.

"Seeing the real-time previews and the ability for non-technical people to make changes to the site sped up our QA process and engaged additional team members. The Pack team was incredibly supportive throughout. Whether it was Slack conversations, hopping on calls to review the site or sort through questions with the merchant and partners, they went above and beyond to see problems across the finish line."

Mark Shesser

Founder @ Coldsmoke Creative

The Results

A faster site, higher conversions, and a client who can easily manage their site.

With Pack, Coldsmoke helped their client gain back control over their site —and over their customer experience — without compromising on performance. With a fantastic build on the books, the team at Coldsmoke is already excited to do it all again.

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