How Public Rec increased conversions by 26% with Pack

See how cutting-edge apparel brand Public Rec used Pack to launch a blazing-fast custom storefront that told their brand story, differentiated their products, and supported their growing product catalog.

Margaret Julian

Margaret Julian

Director of Product Marketing

How Public Rec increased conversions by 26% with Pack
Increase in conversions
Faster page loads
Lift in AOV

The Challenge

Public Rec's growing product catalog and complex requirements were slowing down the site.

As Public Rec stretched their Shopify theme to its limit, it became more time-consuming and cumbersome to use.

Public Rec had been working with a number of agencies and developers as they rapidly scaled the brand on their Shopify theme. Public Rec's product catalog, and the growing number of products across various colors, sizes and inseams, led to growing complexity in business logic, operations, and the front-end itself. This resulted in not only a slow web experience, but one that was difficult for their internal team to navigate to deliver the experience they needed to for their customers.

Public Rec

"We've been working with Pack for over a year, and they have been a true partner of the brand. We're thrilled with the new headless storefront that they built. The site is much faster, we have more frontend control, and we've seen a meaningful increase in our conversion rate.

Zach Goldstein

Founder & CEO @ Public Rec

The Solution

The team launched a blazing-fast custom storefront on Pack that set them up for scale.

Public Rec introduced a new site design that would not only better tell their brand story and product differentiation, but also one that structurally supports their growing catalog and the addition to their Women’s line. With a new refreshed look, the Public Rec team partnered with Pack to build their new designs as a headless storefront. With site speed as a key focus, the new storefront led to a significant boost in conversion rate and AOV.

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