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Unlocking Ecommerce: The
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Learn how innovative brands are taking control of their online presence, reimagining their stores and delivering next-gen shopping experiences without cumbersome infrastructure.


A comprehensive guide to headless technology and composable commerce

  • What is headless?
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The Future of Ecommerce

When it comes down to it, online retail is nothing more than an experience competition. With nearly 10 million online stores and thousands of marketplaces offering any product a consumer could imagine… Options are virtually endless. With so many options, few brands can actually win on supply alone. Rather, the vast (read VAST) majority of brands are fighting for digital attention in four key areas:

→ Price (Is it cheaper?)
→ Quality (Is it better?)
→ Convenience (Is it available?)
→ Experience (Is the buying experience better?

Staying competitive on price, quality and convenience are all critical to building and scaling a successful online business. But as consumer expectations shift, the brands that truly win in today’s market are hyper-focused on providing custom, intuitive and engaging buying experiences.

The Problem: Meeting these expectations requires a brand to be agile, flexible and forward-thinking. But legacy tech and standard ecommerce infrastructures aren’t built to support continuous change and individual needs.

The Solution: Headless technology is the backbone of modern online retail. It gives brands the freedom to build how they want, the flexibility to change rapidly and stability to scale as they need.

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