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Public Rec has scaled quickly with their custom fitted leisurewear. As the brand continues to evolve, Public Rec partnered with Pack Digital to incorporate their new designs on a headless storefront. With site speed as a key focus, the new storefront was built as a Headless PWA using Shopify Plus, GatsbyJS and Contentful.

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Public Rec

At Public Rec, they make leisurewear in waist and inseam sizes because they believe comfort starts with a better fit.


eCommerce Strategy

UX / UI Design

Full-stack Development

Product Architecture

Infrastructure Management

build process

Our build process gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with our clients as a partner, first understanding your business goals and objectives prior to execution.

Our process includes:

  • Aligning on brand styles, and uncover opportunities that will improve your customer experience to boost conversions.
  • Determining optimal technology infrastructure and implementing a flexible solution that provides admin control of the front-end.
  • Review third parties and ensure a streamlined and scalable integration process.
  • Proper planning to ensure a robust foundation that will allow for continuous improvements and enhancements as you scale.



IMPROVEMENT IN LOAD SPEED                                                 


CONVERSION RATE INCREASE                                                 


MILLISECONDS PAGE-TO-PAGE                                         

We've been working with Pack for over a year, and they have been a true partner of the brand. We're thrilled with the new headless storefront that they built. The site is much faster, we have more frontend control, and we've seen a meaningful increase in our conversion rate.

Zach Goldstein | Founder and CEO

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The new wave of technology has lowered the barriers to build fast, modern, and scalable storefronts. In the past you had to chose between flexibility and agility. Now you can have both.

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